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Frequently Asked Question

Why are your prices much eXpensive than others?

Unfortunately, we only delivered 100% Genuine Alcohol.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept Cash, or Credit Card (Please request upon ordering) on delivery.

If I forget an item, can I purchase it on arrival?

Unfortunately our drivers only carry the original order and no additional stock so please ensure your Alcohol order is complete.

I live just outside of your Alcohol Delivery area (Malaysia, Indonesia, Etc.). Can I still get Alcohol Delivered?

Unfortunately we only serve in Singapore. Unless we ensure our delivery staff to hold their passport with them everytime.

Why are all your products bundles are much cheaper than ala-carte?

At Ring To Drink we want to provide you the best of the best price we can offer rather then giving you a fix price like other companies.

How long will my Alcohol Delivery take to arrive?

We aim to have your Alcohol delivered to you in less than an hour unless around our office got flood.

Can I place an order even though it is under SGD $15.00

Yes you can order please call the hotlines, but there will be a SGD $5.00 per order, to help pump petrol.

If there are drinks not on your stock list can we suggest you stock them?

Yes you can, at Ring To Drink we constantly review our customer’s preferences to improve the experience that you will receive. Simply email [email protected]

Are you really the Best Alcohol Delivery Company in Singapore?

Possibly!. But it’s like asking Haagen Daz or Ben & Jerry ice cream which is better?.

Do you provide plastic cups and ice?

Yes, we do provide plastic cups (definitely) and ice. But for that type of “Ice”, no we don’t.

Do you deliver Cigarettes?

Yes, we do sell tobacoo but NO Butterfly.

Do you need certain amount of deposit for big quantity order?

Yes, we will need half of the total amount as deposit to prevent prank calls like radio station.

Do you sell alcohol to underage?

Unfortunately, we do not. (Law by Law). Unless you want to see us closed down.

Do you deliver to anybody?

Unfortunately, we do not deliver to people who are dangerously drinking, drunk and loads of drama mama or have sign of aggressiveness to our lovely staff.

Do you provide any other products apart from your menu?

Yes, we do provide other props that goes along with alcohol. But please be gentle on that night. (One day Advance order for the props must be made).

Can your delivery staff drink with us?

Case by Case basis. Gently, kindly ask our staff to call back his office to check whether she is allow to.

Do you provide transportation services back for my friends after the party?

Yes, So long you pay for the services, we will provide.

what are the terms & conditions for deals?

basically we try our very best to mark as low as possible and all deals came with free delivery! only valid from 12pm to 1159pm monday-friday, items will only be ship at least 1 day of purchased.

Answers still not found?

feel free to contact our customer service for free support

8251 2222