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Product Description

Bottle Information

Liquor Review Category: Herb Liqueur
Producer: Mast-Jagermeister
Website: http://www.jagermeister.com
Origin: Germany
Age: N/A
Alcohol Content: 35%

Review Notes

Jagermeister liqueur is the famous German herbal liqueur known the world over and popular as in a variety of shooters. The name is term used to describe foresters and gamekeepers.

JagerBomb Package Information

  • 1 Jagermeister (700ml)
  • 4 Cans of Redbull
  • 1 Pack of Ground Nuts
  • 8Pcs of Disposal Cups

How do you drink a Jagerbomb?

Pour red bull in small tumbler glass, pour a shot of jagermeister in a shot glass. Just drop the whole shot glass into the tumbler and drink from both glasses at the same time. It works, can be messy but nobody cares 🙂

Its fun to drink, but be careful of too much fun!! 😉


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